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MANUFAKTURA  Andrzej Szczepański

Our Story

For over 25 years, I have been dealing and working with metal products. Initially (since 1990),  I ran a trading company dealing with the export of metal products manufactured by Polish craftsmen. When suppliers could not meet the orders of my customers, we jointly developed a joint venture with our Danish partner. The headquarters were always located in Poznan, and two production sites were located in the vicinity of Tarnow (villages of Żurowa and Ołpiny – for a short time also in Biecz). In 2005, as a result of changes in the European market , our company ended its activity, and since 2005 I run a private company based in Poznan and a production plant in Żurowa. We are a proven manufacturer of furniture, home decorative articles and garden accessories.

Andrzej Szczepański.

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